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Our mission is always to help grow your business…

Every software company out there provides website, app, and software development projects. These services are nothing new. Sure, we believe we are the best at what we do, and we will build you exactly what you need, but that is not good enough. At least, not good enough for you. Our mission is always to help grow your business. We do that through offering free tiers for all our software, pricing that allows all entrepreneurs to take advantage of our services and by training tech enthusiasts to build the next generation of software and teams.

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Who Are We?

We started this company after founding a marketing agency. We soon realized that the software we needed to run our business was outdated and way too expensive. So we decided to start building our own. With little to no experience, we began building out the core software we would need. To keep the doors open in the meantime, we built a team to handle daily projects, like website, app, voice skill, and custom software development.

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Have a stellar idea?

Have you ever had an idea that you thought could be the next big thing? Whether you thought it might be the next Google or a simple idea that would help your business perform better. We want to help build it. Our purpose is to build software to help business owners grow their companies and brands. We realized early on that it meant we would need to help others develop their visions as well. Developing software is not easy though, this is why we started MTA, Morphed Tech Accelerator.

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Our Base Pricing

With custom development there are millions of components that can be customized. All these options make it impossible for us to give you an accurate quote without knowing exactly what you want. However, we’ve added our base pricing below so you can get an idea of what it can cost. 

Voice Skills Development

Starting at $1k/month

This is our newest service and for less than a grand you can have a Alexa and Siri guiding your customers to your brand.

Website Development

$50k All In

Our team will create a custom design, develop it in under 6 weeks, handle hosting and SEO to get you ranking on Google immediately and all for only 25% down now.


Starting at $5k

This is the hardest service to quote, with projects ranging from $5k to $100k+. It all just depends on how labor intensive the build is.

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