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Kyler Hickman: Personal Brand Site – Morphed Tech

Kyler Hickman: Personal Brand Site

As the founder of Morphed Tech, I’ve always had high expectations for our team’s work. But the recent task of creating my personal brand website put those expectations to the ultimate test. Let me say this: they surpassed them all and more.

The efficiency with which they approached the project was truly outstanding. From conceptualization to launch, the entire process was swift and seamless, yet every detail was meticulously executed.

But speed alone isn’t the hallmark of great work – it’s the end result that matters most. When it came to encapsulating my vision and creativity, the Morphed Tech team showed not just their technical prowess but also a deep sense of understanding and empathy. They took the time to delve into what I wanted to achieve and translated that vision into a site that is uniquely me.

The new KylerHickman.US website is a testament to the talent, dedication, and versatility that I am proud to say characterizes Morphed Tech. If they can exceed my expectations, I am confident they can do the same for you.

Kyler Hickman
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Project Description

The KylerHickman.US project was a prime example of efficiency, streamlined processes, and thoughtful design converging to create a personal brand website that reflects the multifaceted interests and pursuits of its namesake.

At its heart, the goal was straightforward yet profound – creating a platform to share the four pillars of Kyler’s life: faith, family, entrepreneurship, and personal development. The challenge lay in encapsulating these distinct yet interconnected themes into a cohesive, engaging digital experience, all within a tight timeline of just seven days.

Given the urgency, our approach was twofold: accelerating the review process and creating a flexible design framework that could easily accommodate a diverse range of content. By streamlining the review process, we were able to ensure rapid iterations and faster decision-making, enabling us to meet the strict deadline without compromising on quality.

On the design front, we developed a suite of templates designed to simplify the creation of interior pages. These templates were engineered to be dynamic, allowing for categories of pages to be efficiently constructed and displayed, mirroring the fluidity and diversity of Kyler’s multifarious pursuits.

The resulting website is more than just a digital space – it is a reflection of Kyler’s life, interests, and values. As with all our projects at Morphed Tech, we took pride in surpassing expectations and delivering a product that not only met the brief but also pushed the boundaries of what was possible within the given timeframe.

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Creating a personal brand site for Kyler Hickman came with a specific set of hurdles. As a multifaceted entrepreneur, Kyler’s pursuits extend across different arenas, each embodying a unique identity. The challenge was to build a unified website that effectively captures his vibrant personality and the breadth of his work while resonating with a diverse audience.

  1. We were racing against the clock with a tight timeline of just seven days from conception to completion.
  2. Kyler’s primary focuses are faith, family, and entrepreneurship, catering to a broad spectrum of audience. The challenge lied in partitioning these diverse domains while maintaining a cohesive narrative throughout the site.
  3. The main form of content was a blog. However, we also had to design specific interior pages to elaborate on Kyler’s core pillars: faith, family, and entrepreneurship. Strategically organizing these diverse pages to ensure easy navigation posed an interesting challenge.


In order to tackle the unique challenges this project presented, we devised strategies that integrated tight deadlines, diverse content, and clear delineation between page types, all while staying true to Kyler Hickman’s multifaceted persona.

  1. Given the limited timeline of just seven days, we instituted a stringent review policy that any content sent for review would be automatically approved by midnight if no revisions were suggested. This process not only kept us on track, but also held Kyler to a rigorous schedule. Further, by constructing everything atop custom designed templates, we were able to swiftly input dynamic content and maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout.
  2. Kyler’s diverse content streams required a unique approach. Firstly, we worked with Kyler to acknowledge and embrace some degree of overlap between the different sectors of his work – faith, family, and entrepreneurship. Recognizing that these elements cannot be wholly separated without creating distinct websites, we maintained a familiar design language and layout across all pages, ensuring cohesion despite the varied content.
  3. To clearly differentiate between blog posts and regular pages, we designed unique templates for each. This involved a more time-intensive process, but successfully provided the separation Kyler needed. Now, each of the three core pillars has its dedicated page, and blog categories are distinctly identifiable yet linked, providing a seamless user experience.

In the end, our strategic and flexible approach to the challenges presented by this project resulted in a personalized website that encapsulates Kyler’s vibrant personality and multifaceted pursuits, all while delivered in an impressive timeframe.

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